Our Team

Three Ocean Partners is headquartered in New York and has a global reach through our investor base and several partnerships throughout the United States, Europe, India and Brazil.

  • Three Ocean Partners LLC
  • 551 Fifth Avenue
  • Suite 3800
  • New York, NY 10176
  • Phone: (212) 259-0559

For inquiries please contact our Chief of Staff, Carolyn McEvoy,
at cmcevoy@threeoceanpartners.com

If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking.

- George S. Patton

Three Ocean Partners' New York Office

David W. Knowlton

Managing Partner

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Christian Frank

Managing Director

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Collin Soper

Executive Assistant

Kevin Martins da Silva


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Carolyn M. McEvoy

Chief of Staff

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David N. Gill

Managing Director

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Cindy Park


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